The 2015 Arizona Bach Festival runs from Sunday, January 11th, through Sunday, January 25. The festival opened with a wonderful concert by organist Ben Sheen, continued with Bach's Musical Offering and then favorite choruses from the church cantatas, and will conclude with a concert of music featuring brass, timpani, and organ. We hope you'll not only get your tickets here, but that you'll also tell all your friends and invite them to enjoy some of the most glorious music of all time in wonderful acoustical settings, all for very reasonable prices!

Festival Update: The final concert of the 2015 Festival is on Sunday, January 25th at 3 pm. Bach for Brass, Organ, and Timpani will include a wide variety of "Bach's greatest hits," featuring the wonderful players of the Sonoran Brass, Scott Youngs on organ, and Gene Cervantes on timpani. Click here for a sneak peek at the repertoire, and then click here to buy your tickets, now!

Concert on Sunday, January 25

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painting by Brent Bauer

ABF 2015: Food for the Soul! (by Brent Bauer)